COL Reports have provided us with their competent and professional services for over the years. We have found their reports to be very user friendly, comprehensive and detailed which enables us to make informed decisions.
Jason Thomas – Finance Director EM, Adidas Group
We now have a full set of cost of living reports, that helps us with our salary and benefits administration. We felt very confident in following your reports guidance which was very much tailored to the state of Qatar, so much so that we are now looking at the possibility of an ongoing COMPLY subscription with you. Your report this year was one of the highlights. Overall we have found a remarkable difference using COL, and we recognize unreservedly the valuable and comprehensive contribution it made.
Amina Fouad – HR Manager at DHL Qatar
We find the report very useful around budgeting time and it provides a general appreciation of current trends in the market. We find it adds most value when you buy it year on year.
Craig Frauenstein – Human Resources Director at Richemont Group (Cartier)
The COL report is for us one of the most important tools in our benefits analysis especially in the UAE market. We find the data to be extremely accurate and reflective of the market trends which is key to ensure our benefits are accurately positioned.
Simone Haddad – HR Reward Analyst, ME British American Tobacco
I found the report extremely useful and will definitely purchase again.
Prasanita Thapar – Group Head Compensation and Benefits at Al Futtaim Private Ltd Dubai

The cost of living report gives factual here and now data which we as a business use to determine the real costs of living in the markets we are working in. We find the data accurate and it ensures our benefits are matched to the regions.
Emma Davies – HR Manager, ALEC (Al Jaber LEGT Engineering & Contracting)
Budget time is surely a challenging period for every company. Key for a global player as DHL is ensuring that the head office has an in-depth understanding of the unique realities of each country so the story behind the numbers comes to life. The COL report is quite unique in its presentation of key trends and indicators for the UAE. The case studies on cost of living/expenditure, the average monthly salaries per sector and the goods & services basket comparison just to name a few have been instrumental in supporting recruitment strategy, salary & benefit alignments and budget in general.
Elke Willaert – HR Manager DHL UAE

Due to the in-depth and significant amount of knowledge contained within the Cost of Living Report I have been able to compile an extremely comprehensive and detailed analysis to substantiates all the recommendations that I made.

I would recommend anyone based in UK with HR responsibility for an overseas office to purchase this report to retain awareness of trends, data and markets.

Sandra Oliver – HR Manager at SPP Pumps UK
The Cost of Living Report is a key input to our understanding of the UAE and particularly Dubai market.
Gary Wallis – Head of HR at DFSA