Who we are

Formerly known as Cost of Living Reports Middle East, Bridge the Data publishes reports on the cost of living and industry salary reports for much of the Middle East and parts of Asia. With over 13 years of data accumulated on the cost of living and regional job markets, Bridge the Data helps to close the gap between HR and finance personnel and the limitless data points they need access to, to accurately formulate their annual C&B adjustments and allowances.

You will find all of our published reports available for sale directly on our Website, as well as on GulfTalent’s Website, who partner with us to disseminate our industry salary surveys to their network of regional HR decision makers, and provide us with the candidate salary data, which features throughout our industry salary reports.


Where it all Began

It all started back in 2003, the Dubai boom was just starting in earnest and a local recruitment consultancy, Kershaw Leonard, was continually being asked by its clients for advice on what salaries should be paid for all their various positions, predominantly for their expatriate labour.  At the time, they saw this as an opportunity to assist in adding value to their clients by providing them with independently researched information, which could be used to decide on the annual adjustments to their staffs’ compensation & benefits. From there, the Cost of Living in Dubai Report was born, and the inaugural report was published in Q4 2003.

Cost of Living Reports Middle East

By 2009, Cost of Living Reports Middle East was formed.  As a newly established autonomous business entity, new partnerships had been forged with content providers, research companies and technology companies, helping to bring the report online for the first time, transforming it into a report for the whole of the UAE, including research and analysis on all seven Emirates; not just Dubai.  Over the next 5-6 years, 7 other countries throughout the MENA region would be added to the reporting already provided for the UAE.

Bridge the Data is Born

Fast forward to 2015, and Bridge the Data has become the region’s largest locally-founded and organically-grown benchmarking organisation, and the HR research-provider of choice for hundreds of organisations with labour forces across the region.  The Cost of Living UAE Report is now in its 12th successive year, and Bridge the Data now has over 40 autonomous reports for all of the GCC nations, as well as Iran & Egypt; with new locations being added continually, with each successive year.

The objective of our reports has always been to offer straightforward, detailed information on the key aspects of living and working within the MENA region.  The reports are there to assist HR & finance professionals, and C-level decision makers, formulate their plans and policies, along with their annual adjustments for their upcoming financial year. Our reports offer our own insight into past, present and future social, political, legislative & economic changes and reforms throughout the region, based on our 12 years of regional research and industry expertise.  Our reports comprise our own in-house-conducted primary research, along with a wide array of data and analysis from secondary research providers around the world and the local MENA region.

We firmly believe that our reports should be a good read, not just a compilation of dry analysis and facts – which is why every single one of our reports comes with insightful commentary to complement the quantitative analysis our reports provide; adding a qualitative touch, which is paramount for many senior HR personnel in the region.

Geographic Coverage

We currently over 40 reports available, for 8 MENA countries, reporting on over 30 cities in the Middle East – with tens of thousands of data points.   We also have salary benchmarking reports for parts of Europe and Asia.  You can see more on the geographic areas which we cover below, and for more information on the reports we provide and our city-based coverage, please check out our reports.

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