Kershaw Leonard Cost of Living Report Dubai Launched


The very first ever 50-page Cost or Living Report Dubai is produced by a boutique local recruitment firm in Dubai, Kershaw Leonard.  The report is praised by the readers for adopting a no-holds-barred approach in its analysis of Dubai's economy, political climate and assessment of future possible changes and how those may affect compensation & benefits of company's with a Dubai-based labour force.


Cost of Living UAE Report Introduced


After 4 consecutive years of producing the Cost of Living Dubai Report, featuring data specific to the Emirate of Dubai, the very first Cost of Living UAE Report is published, allowing businesses with labour across the UAE, to forecast and plan their C&B policies for 2009.  The report has a particular focus on Dubai, Sharjah and the country's capital, Abu Dhabi.


Report Becomes Digital


After partnering with a local software company in Dubai, Webology, the 2009/ 2010 Cost of Living UAE Report is published online, with a variety of features, allowing customers to comb through the masses of data and commentary and pinpoint the intelligence they're looking for.  Several trees are saved in the process, as the number of hard copy reports dispatched, drop by 90%!


Cost of Living Report Qatar


After 8 years of producing the Cost of Living UAE (and Dubai) Report, the very first every Cost of Living Qatar Report is introduced, aimed at helping customers with labour in the state of Qatar with their annual adjustments and expatriate allowances.  The primary focus of the report is on Qatar's capital, Doha.


Cost of Living Reports Middle East Formed


A new entity, with its own team of researchers, journalists and economists dedicated towards publishing cost of living reports is established.  The small team are now prepped to expand the reports portfolio, getting nationwide and regional radio, television and print coverage.

Mid 2013

Saudi Arabia & Regional GCC Reports Published


Now operating as an autonomous business entity, the very first Cost of Living Saudi Arabia Report is published, following the same structure as the already successful reports for the UAE and Qatar.

A regional cost of living report for the GCC is also published, giving a high-level comparison of all 6 GCC nations and their respective cost of living.  The report is designed for companies looking to make quick high-level comparisons to aid their GCC expansion plans.

Cost of Living Reports Middle East now provides 4 annual reports, covering all of the GCC.

Late 2013

Bridge the Data is Born


After 12 successful years of producing cost of living reports, a new brand is established to push the company forward into the second half of the decade.  bridge the data is born and with it, brings great change.  bridge the data now provides 40 individual reports on 8 countries in the Middle East, reporting on over 30 cities.  With over 50 Fortune 500 clients, bridge the data also introduces annual subscriptions for its loyal customer base, allowing its annual report readers to have access to data and content all year-round.

Mid 2015

Industry Salary Reports with GulfTalent


1 year after re-branding to Bridge the Data (also now known as BTD), autonomous industry salary reports are introduced, expanding on the Job Market data found in our annual cost of living reports.  Aside from employer-provided survey data, BTD also uses GulfTalent's enormous volume of candidate data to measure average salaries for candidates from outside the local market, seeking employment in the region.

Our new Stata software platform allows us to generate reports on-the-fly, based on client survey inputs, making sure each of our customers receives their very own custom benchmarking report; charting their remuneration offerings against their industry's pooled average, making sure we guarantee anonymity for all!

Mid 2016