How can our bespoke reporting help you?

Our researchers specialize in conducting forward-thinking, high quality niche research, that can not only help you gain access to significant data, but will also provide you with the necessary quantitative and qualitative information you need to make decisions in this rapidly growing competitive environment.

Would you like to optimise your decision making, by gaining access to customised research?

If your business is international and you are looking to enter or better manage your resources in the GCC, bespoke reporting can be a valuable tool, where data and research questions are tailored for your business strategy within the MENA region.

We make it easy for you

When it comes to market insights, we do not provide our customers with complex deliverables or dense unrefined data; we’re oriented towards usefulness and simplicity. Our research tools allow us to provide key insights in a highly visual and easy to understand format. We also understand how precious big data is and therefore we provide our customers with the ability to navigate large datasets on their own.


Because we work in the Middle East, we have learned that certain sectors and populations are not always easy to reach. Most of our clients are large conglomerates operating in sectors such as construction, energy and transportation. These companies operate in cities and provinces which may be urban or rural areas, and it is our job to bring them the most accurate market information from the most knowledgeable local experts.

Quantitative Market Research

We employ a multitude of data collection techniques including online surveys, telephone interviews (CATI), mixed methods (e.g. telephone to online), intercepts and even mail surveys on occasion.

Some of the analytical tools we use include:

  • Derived Importance
  • Brand and Correspondence Mapping
  • Gap Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Choice Modeling
  • Regression Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Other Types of Multivariate Analysis
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Qualitative Research

Our qualitative research is often used early in planning and design processes, to test product concepts, to test usability, and for similar purposes. We conduct focus groups, individual interviews and usability labs to obtain rich feedback on product concepts, designs, and marketing messages. We also offer qualitative research in order to generate concrete guidance on, and validation of, existing prototype services and products. Our usability studies can include both group and/ or individual interviews, and often have unique elements when we conduct them for clients. To speak to one of our Qualitative Researchers click here