Cost of Living Reports Vs Salary Reports

The difference between our cost of living reports & industry salary reports is pretty straightforward – Our cost of living reports report all the facets involved in the cost of living and working in the countries we report on.  The goal of the reports is to provide our clients with an accurate and in-depth insight into the potential living costs incurred by their staff, helping to structure meaningful and competive benefits packages.  Our salary reports on the other hand, provide our clients an insight into what the market is currently offering the junior, mid-level and senior job roles they continually recruit, by providing industry-pooled averages on complete remuneration offerings from their competitors within their industry.

Each industry salary report is based on industry-pooled averages from data received through our employer survey, along with candidate data received from our partners, GulfTalent.  Our cost of living reports are based on primary research conducted by our research team, complemented with secondary data and analysis acquired from a number of regional and international organisations.  For a list of our secondary research providers, click here.

Featured below is a content comparison of our cost of living reports and industry salary reports:

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