Respondent Profiles


Typically, an organisation with several hundred staff or more, who perform appraisals annually, would look to purchase our reports, in order to help with their year-on-year adjustments. More often than not, our clients have several thousand staff upwards, with multiple locations across the world, and of course across the Middle East.

Employer Respondents’ Job Profiles

The best way to get a feel for the people who we survey, or more precisely, the people who respond to our surveys, is to go through the “Our Clients” section of this Website.  In this section you’ll be able to explore our Testimonials page and Case Studies page for more information on the people who use our reports and why they find them useful.  However, once a year we do analyse our survey respondents and in case you’re interested, below is a breakdown of our employer survey respondents, by job role, within their organisation:

cbjtFor more information on the breakdown of our annual employee survey respondent breakdown (not the employer survey respondent breakdown, shown above), please contact us directly.

Employer Respondents’ Industry Sectors

We have customers and survey respondents from a wide variety of industrial sectors.  In order to know exactly which industries it is we’re attracting, we perform analysis on the current year’s respondents’ profiles and below is a breakdown of respondents by industrial sector.  If your vertical isn’t one of the top 6, it doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t want you to respond to our surveys.  On the contrary, we’re actively targeting employers from the sectors we get less survey responses from, in order to balance out our results.  Having said that, we’re not expecting total equilibrium because these percentages partly reflect the overall market size of the various industries across the individual economies within the Gulf:


Please visit our Employer Survey page, in order to find out how you can particulate in this year’s survey, and what incentives we provide, to reward you for your effort.

The above charts do represent the demographics of respondent profiles for our industry-specific reports.  Please contact us directly for more information on our reports & surveys specific to niche industrial sectors.